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CentraCom Long Distance is an affordable way to stay connected to family and friends. There are several plans to meet your needs and budget. Use the calculator to help determine which plan will work best for your needs.

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The Best Plan for Your Needs
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For a low monthly amount you get unlimited anytime minutes*. Call anyone in the country at anytime. Reconnect with family and friends without worrying about how long you need to talk.

*Unlimited long distance applies for numbers called within the 48 Continental states and Canada. Unlimited long distance is not available to business or home-based business phone service. Unlimited plan may not work for data services such as fax or credit card machines.

For a low monthly amount you get 100 anytime minutes. Call anyone in the country at anytime. And don’t worry, if you use more than 100 minutes, you will only be charged the same per minute amount (7.9¢/min.), without penalty.

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This is a great plan for the occasional long distance caller. You get one low flat rate with no monthly charges. Use as much or as little as needed anytime of the day with no time-of-day penalties.

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