» What is "Secret Code" for online bill pay account?

When setting up access to CentraCom online bill pay, you will be asked to enter a secret code. The secret code is as follows: 384 followed by the last four digits of the main phone number on the CentraCom account. For example, if the main phone number on your account is 555-1234, then your secret code would be 3841234. If you have problems accessing your account, you may need to call the main office (1-800-427-8449) to verify the phone number on the account.

» Can I watch one show on TV while I record another on my DVR?

Yes, if you have a dual-tuner DVR. You simply set up one program to record on one hard drive and then “swap” to tune to the other. If you want to watch something different and still record two shows, you can watch a previously recorded program from the DVR. See the DVR Guide for more information

» Do I really need an HD set-top box?

If your HDTV has a built in HD tuner, you may be able to receive your local channels in HD over-the-air without the need to have an HD set-top box. But in order to receive premium movie channels in HD or other HD programming, you must have an HD set-top box

» How much does Pay-Per-View cost?

The cost of Pay-Per-View programming depends on the type of programming selected. Pay-Per-View Movies are comparably priced to the fees that your local video rental store charges.

» What do I do if there is no video picture on the TV screen?

Make sure that both your TV and set-top box are powered “on.” Next, check that your remote is set to the appropriate input source and that you are tuned to an authorized cable channel (if you’re not sure, try turning to a channel you know that you get). Finally, if your TV or set-top box is connected to a home theater system, make sure that the home theater system is powered on, too, and that the cables are correctly connected. If any cable connections are loose, hand-tighten them.

» Why can I see a picture, but can’t hear any sound?

First, make sure the MUTE button hasn’t been pressed. To turn the MUTE feature off, press the MUTE button on that particular component again. Also try turning the volume up. Finally, verify that the cables attached to the AUDIO INPUT JACKS on the back of your set-top box and your TV or home theater system have been properly attached and are tight. If you have a Set Top box connected via HDMI cable, make sure the box is turned on.

» Why doesn’t the remote control work?

Make sure that the remote control is in CABLE mode by pushing the CBL button. Remove any obstructions between the remote control and the set-top box. Check the batteries in the remote control and install new batteries if necessary.

» Why won’t my set-top box turn on?

Your set-top box may be updating. Wait a few minutes and try it again. If that doesn’t work, make sure that the power cord is plugged in and that the outlet is working. Finally, turn on the set-top box manually by pushing the power button on the front instead of using your remote (batteries in remote control may be dead).

» Closed Caption Settings on DVR

If you use an HDMI cable to connect the CentraCom DVR to your TV, you will not be able to use your television's closed caption feature. The HDMI cable does not support CC information. To view closed caption, you must use the USER SETTINGS menu which requires you to power-off your DVR (but be sure your TV is on). Press the MENU button on your DVR remote (this can take several seconds). After accessing the menu, move down to the CLOSED CAPTION entry then change DISABLED to ENABLED by pressing the OK button. When you power on the DVR again the next time, captions will always be displayed. There are some other caption settings when ENABLED which are mostly self explanatory. For ANALOG, CC1 is the standard closed captioning channel. CC2 is often used for Spanish captioning.