» What is "Secret Code" for online bill pay account?

When setting up access to CentraCom online bill pay, you will be asked to enter a secret code. The secret code is as follows: 384 followed by the last four digits of the main phone number on the CentraCom account. For example, if the main phone number on your account is 555-1234, then your secret code would be 3841234. If you have problems accessing your account, you may need to call the main office (1-800-427-8449) to verify the phone number on the account.

» If my electricity goes out, will my phone go out, too?

It all depends upon the type of phone service that you have and the kind of phone you use. Digital phone services are provided through your cable modem so an electricity outage will cause your phone to go out. With traditional phone services, you’ll still be able to use any corded phone in your house, even if the electricity goes out. Cordless phones, on the other hand, require electricity to operate. So if you have one of these phones, you won’t be able to use it until the power is turned back on.